Since 1979 Wainwright Instruments GmbH has been desiging and manufacturing RF & microwave filters in the beautiful Bavarian town of
Andechs in Germany. We offer many standard and custom designs for low pass, high pass, band pass, band reject and notch filters,
manually and digitally tunable filters, as well as diplexers, duplexers, triplexers, multiplexers and monoplexers. Among other applications
our filters are used predominantly for the mobile communications, wireless connectivity, satellite navigation and communications, and
broadcasting industries. Common technologies supported are LTE, W-CDMA (UMTS), GSM, TD-SCDMA, CDMA2000, TETRA, APCO25,
Iridium, Inmarsat, Thuraya, Globalstar, VHF TV, UHF TV, VHF Radio, FM Radio, Air Navigation, Air Traffic, Amateur Radio, Marine Radio
and SiriusXM.

Bandpass Filters (Cavity Design)

5 Section Bandpass Filter

Passband: from 11 GHz to 11.6 GHz
Bandwidth: 600 MHz
Reject attenuation: 40 dB min. from DC to 10.35 GHz and from 12.3 GHz to 24 GHz, slopes of less than 700 MHz
Insertion loss: 0.5 dB max.
Returnloss: 14 dB min
Connectors: SMA-female (or male adaptors)



Bandpass Filters at High Frequencies

Small Size
Little Insertion Loss
Various bandwidths possible - depending on your application
especially suitable for frequencies between 10 and 15 GHz, others upon request

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Digitally Tunable Band Reject Filters

Digitally (LAN) Tunable UHF/Microwave Reject Filters

adjustable in 1 MHz steps  within reject bands  670 to 1000 MHz  or  1.7 to 2.0 GHz

Wainwright Instruments introduces UHF/Microwave Band Reject Filters that can be tuned by
computer with intuitively usable software or directly by simple LAN Telnet protocol. The
passband up to 2.5 or 5.0 GHz respectively makes these filters especially suitable for measuring
harmonics in laboratory applications and automated test stations in production lines. The carrier
frequency of a signal source is suppressed and the harmonics are allowed to pass.

Further specifications:
   · Reject Band: > 40 dB Attenuation, 20 MHz wide
Fo: adjustable in 1 MHz Steps 
Passband Loss: 1 dB max.
   · Return Loss: > 14 dB 
Supply Voltage: 23...32 VDC / 1A   
LAN connector: RJ45 standard plug   
Tuning Time: 2 sec typ. to 5 sec. max (band start to band end)  
   · RF Power Rating: 50 W max. CW in reject band, 200 W max. CW in passband 
Connectors: SMA female (PC 3.5)
Operating Temperature: 10° C to 45° C 
670 to 1000 MHz: 305 mm x 60 mm x 185 mm plus Connectors
1700 to 2000 MHz: 305 mm x 60 mm x 155 mm plus Connectors 

· more examples can be found here.
   · Other frequencies upon request.

Tuning Range: 670 to 1000 MHz
Stopband Bandwidth: Fo ± 10 MHz
Attenuation: 40 dB min.
IL: 0.5 dB from DC to 2200 MHz except 3 dB at Fo ± 20 MHz

Tuning Range: 1700 to 2000 MHz
Stopband Bandwidth: Fo ± 10 MHz
Attenuation: 40 dB min.
IL: 1.25 dB from DC to 4000 MHz except 2 dB at Fo ± 20 MHz

Other frequencies and bandwidths upon request.