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Low pass filters with maximum signal purity thanks to precise selectivity and low insertion loss. A large selection of filters is available in our standard range – configure your desired product here and generate a data sheet with all the specifications.

Wainwright Instruments offers
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Frequency curve of the WLNX5 low pass filter

Low pass filters for all applications where signals are transmitted or received

Low pass filters from Wainwright Instruments minimize signal interference by effectively blocking unwanted high-frequency components and allowing only the desired low frequencies to pass through, thanks to precisely defined cut-off frequencies. Careful selection of the cut-off frequency is critical to the purity and clarity of signal transmission. Our precision engineered filters provide customized solutions for a wide range of applications in mobile communications, wireless connectivity, satellite navigation & communications and broadcasting. With a focus on quality and performance, our low pass filters support signal integrity and system reliability by eliminating noise and ensuring clear signal transmission.

Which low pass filter do you need?

Low pass filters are used to remove high frequency components and noise from a signal. This type of filter is used in many different applications. These include:

  • Mobile communications
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Satellite navigation and communication
  • Broadcasting
  • Telemetry
Low pass filter model WLNX5

Selecting the right low pass filter is based on matching your requirements with the filter characteristics. The passband cut-off frequency (Fco) and filter slope are decisive. The choice of filter type depends on the specific application and environmental conditions. Our goal is to help you select a low pass filter that meets your needs while leaving room for future customization. If you need assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

What types of low pass filters are there?

In electronics and signal processing, low pass filters are essential to ensure the clarity and quality of signals. Wainwright Instruments offers a wide range of low pass filters:

  • Butterworth low pass filters: known for their flat passband amplitude response, these filters optimize signal transmission up to the defined cut-off frequency without distortion, ideal for applications requiring precise signal purity.
  • Chebyshev low pass filters: These offer a steeper slope than Butterworth filters, but at the expense of ripples in the passband. They are the choice for applications that require strict suppression of frequencies outside the passband.
  • Bessel low pass filters: With their focus on maximum linearity of phase response, i.e. minimum phase distortion, Bessel filters are particularly suitable for applications where maintaining the waveform of the signal is crucial.
  • Elliptical low pass filters (also known as Cauer filters): filter.overview.low_pass.point9-2
Each of these filter types is designed for specific requirements and applications, with the choice of the right filter depending on the desired signal characteristics, required frequency selectivity and tolerance to signal distortion. By selecting the appropriate low pass filter, you can ensure that your system or device performs optimally by effectively suppressing unwanted high frequency signals while maintaining the integrity of the desired signal.

This list contains many of our Standard Low Pass Filters, as well as guaranteed specifications and prices for these. Each row represents a particular filter and by entering or selecting your required specifications, you will remove those filters from the list that don't meet or exceed your requirements. Apart from selecting various filter specifications, you can also choose to have dimensions and weight displayed in the metric or the imperial system. This choice will also be reflected on the datasheet that is generated. Lastly, you can also choose your required quantity, which will display the respective unit prices.

Should you not find a match for your requirements, please use our custom filter forms to enter your specifications and to request a quotation.

We recommend to proceed as follows:

  1. Enter your required Fco (passband cutoff frequency) in the field where it says "Enter Fco" and press return on keyboard. Now only filters that can be offered with your required Fco will remain in the list.
  2. One by one, select your other required specifications from the drop-down menus at the top of the list. As you select more specs, the list of filters will continually shrink until you are left with a single or very few relevant filters to choose from.
  3. Click Data sheet on the left of any row to view that filter's datasheet. On the datasheet itself you will still be able to adjust your Fco - if necessary - and select your preferred connectors. You can either print out the datasheet or generate a PDF for saving or emailing. You may also generate a quote request directly from the datasheet by adding the quantity required to the Quote Basket and filling out the contact form located there.
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