Joint project 5G6G30G – RF filters for 5G/6G frequencies above 30 GHz


5G6G30G is a joint project between Wainwright Instruments GmbH and the Technical University of Munich (Chair of Radio Frequency Engineering) that started in May 2022. Over a planned period of 2 years, the project partners – partly funded by the Bavarian State Ministry for Economic Affairs, Energy and Technology – will develop precision filters with high parasitic passband rejection for 5G/6G frequencies above 30 GHz.

In the course of digitization, useful frequencies in the mm-wave range are increasingly being tapped in fifth-generation and, somewhat later, sixth-generation communications networks (5G/6G), with frequencies up to over 100 GHz becoming relevant sooner or later. Corresponding bandpass filters must not only have precisely defined passbands and often be tunable, but at the same time the rejection range must in many cases extend to very high frequencies. Alternative filter concepts for these high frequencies are to be developed that offer advantages in terms of manufacturing and tuning.

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