Standard Absorptive Filters (BP/BR)

What is an absorptive filter? Normal passive electromagnetic filters are “reflective”. That means the out-of-band electromagnetic energy is reflected towards its source. Equipment such as transmitters, mixers, amplifiers or high precision oscillators can be sensitive to such returning energy, leading to a degraded signal-to-noise ratio and dynamic range. Non-reflective “Absorptive filters” guarantee that no energy is reflected towards its source. Wainwright Instruments offers absorptive filters that consist of a band pass filter and a band reject filter, with their respective passband and stopband set to the same frequencies. To function as an absorptive filter, a power absorbing “Dummy Load” must be added. Alternatively, instead of a dummy load, one may also use measuring equipment with well-defined input impedance (Power meter, SPA or VNA) to monitor harmonics and non-harmonic spurious emissions. If you don't find products here that match your needs, please send us a quotation request for custom absorptive filters.

This list contains many of our standard absorptive filters (BP/BR), as well as guaranteed specifications and prices for these. Each row represents a particular filter and by entering or selecting your required specifications, you will remove those filters from the list that don't meet or exceed your requirements. Apart from selecting various filter specifications, you can also choose to have dimensions and weight displayed in the metric or the imperial system. This choice will also be reflected on the datasheet that is generated. Lastly, you can also choose your required quantity, which will display the respective unit prices.

Should you not find a match for your requirements, please use our custom filter forms to enter your specifications and to request a quotation.

We recommend to proceed as follows:

  1. One by one, select your required specifications from the drop-down menus at the top of the list. As you select more specs, the list of filters will continually shrink until you are left with a single or very few relevant filters to choose from.
  2. Click Data sheet on the left of any row to view that filter's datasheet. In the datasheet you can chose your preferred connectors. You can either print out the datasheet or generate a PDF for saving or emailing. You may also generate a quote request directly from the datasheet by adding the quantity required to the Quote Basket and filling out the contact form located there.
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