Joint project EVA5G – RF filters for the 5G mobile communications standard


EVA5G is a joint project started in November 2018 between Wainwright Instruments GmbH and the Technical University of Munich (Chair of High Frequency Technology).  Over a planned period of 3 years the project partners – partly funded by the Bavarian State Ministry of Economics, Energy and Technology – will develop high performance precision filters for application in 5G communication technologies.

The aim is to research and implement a technology that enables the construction and reliable operation of professional electronic signal filters that can cope with the new mobile communication standard in terms of usage frequencies, power stability and, above all, sufficiently broad reject bands. Thus, in addition to the realization of quantitatively high-quality passbands above 18 GHz and steep transitions into the reject band, parasitic passbands up to very high frequency ranges are to be prevented.

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